ABOUT SMART Business Solution

Representing over 20 years of pioneering and leading the IT solution consulting market in the region, Smart Group profile aspires to provide an array of general trade services to revitalize and modernize the business industry. With their range of smart business solutions, Smart Group strives to revolutionize a number of industry sectors by identifying core problems and offering appropriate real-time solutions. The company’s services place an emphasis on low costs and diminished risk in production while maintaining high quality and excellent value-for-money for their customers.

Service Offered

Smart Group offers an array of services within and outside the region and invests in leading general trade businesses to support the economy and create expertise and growth in the region. Smart Group’s main aim is to identify industry leaders and companies utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive sustainable business and economic growth and provide a wealth of quality services within the area.

Smart Group offers an array of services within and outside the region and invests in leading general trade businesses to support the economy and create expertise and growth in the region. Smart Group’s main aim is to identify industry leaders and companies utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive sustainable business and economic growth and provide a wealth of quality services within the area.


Smart Group aspires to be a leader in the real estate industry by offering unrivaled services, focusing on relationships over revenues, and ensuring profitability for every one of their ventures.

Vision & Mission

Smart Group’s vision is to cater to consumer demands, offering a quality of service that exceeds the highest industry standards and customer expectations. By doing so, Smart Group focuses on building long-lasting relationships with customers and clients alike, leveraging the power of innovation and advanced technology for sustainable business growth.

Core values

Transparency, mutual respect, and innovation are the cornerstones of Smart Group’s professional approach. We believe in treating each and every one of our customers with the respect, integrity and business ethics they deserve and offer an unrivalled level of service, rooted in innovation, invention, and creativity.


With our portfolio of services, we aspire to be the driving force behind the regional expansion in the property management industry and develop a strong base of loyal customers. We aim to increase the assets and investments of Smart Group to support further development of services and establish Smart Group as a reputable, trusted leader in the field.

Our Expertise

IT & Telecom Solutions

Smart Group aims to establish itself as a leading provider of IT and telecom solutions in the region. Through their extensive partnership network, they supply the most cutting-edge modern electronic materials and the latest electronic equipment to official and non-official bodies. Smart Group specializes in leading IT services and software and designs cutting-edge electronic systems, company databases, small and large networks and other bespoke IT solutions for local, international and foreign organizations.

Through strategic partnerships, Smart Group is able to offer advanced technical equipment and provide its clients with access to the latest electronics and technology, imported from world-renowned vendors and merchants from some of the leading markets. The IT and Telecom solutions provided are offered on a contractual basis and services include the set-up and installation, processing and maintenance of software, systems and electronic devices. Smart Group’s aim is to deliver a portfolio of IT & Telecom solutions, including software and website design, and premier IT training for business clients.

Oil & Gas

Smart Group aims to explore and develop one of the greatest resources of the region: natural gas and oil. Through strategic partnerships and leveraging years of experience in the industry, they aim to produce, refine, store and transport oil, gas and other hydrocarbon products.

Smart Group intends to operate as a one-stop-shop for oil and gas solutions in the region. In addition to developing, producing, refining, storing and transporting oil and gas products, the company also has a cutting-edge liquidator to turn crude oil into a range of derivatives.

Currently, Smart Group is collaborating with governmental agencies and private sector companies to facilitate the refinement, production and transportation of oil and gas within and outside the region. They leverage a fleet of transport vehicles and industry-grade tools, machines and equipment to ensure all work is completed in accordance with the local laws and regulations.


Smart Group aims to carry out construction projects implementing the latest engineering methods, designs and tools in the region. Their focus is on residential and industrial construction work, as well as building schools, hospitals and state departments, tourist parks, dams, roads and more. The company’s comprehensive approach incorporates everything from prototyping through construction and project management to building supervision.

Smart Group’s aim is to engage at every level of the construction process, including carrying out construction contracts, expansions and demolition. They also plan to open and rent offices and warehouses for a variety of industries and applications, and partner with leaders in the region to facilitate sustainable economic and business growth.

General Trading

Smart Group’s team consists of passionate professionals with extensive experience and background in business trading, brought together by a shared passion for excellence and unrivalled customer service. Our business graduates and qualified engineers all come from renowned universities around the globe and have been consistently providing support services and trading consultancy to corporate enterprises in and outside the region.

Smart Group aspires to bring this expertise and technical know-how to forward-thinking companies, looking for a reliable general trading partner. Our philosophy is rooted in building long-term business partnerships with reliability, quality, results-oriented approach and innovation being the major building blocks.

By building and maintaining long-lasting working relationships with our clients, we aim to provide custom-tailored solutions with their business’ needs, goals and challenges in mind. By understanding the client’s objectives, we can help them maximize their benefits and realize their business’ full potential.


Through strategic partnerships and investments, Smart Group aims to further develop the plastics industries. Their efforts focus on building, opening and maintaining factories and facilities for the processing of plastic materials and plastics, importing materials from global markets and leading manufacturers, and supplying cutting-edge machinery and tools.

Smart Group aspires to develop the plastics industry in the region and contribute to a sustainable business and economic growth through import and production of high quality plastic materials. They collaborate with governmental agencies and companies in the private sector, and lease and rent offices and warehouses to partners.

Real Estate

Smart Group aims to become a reliable, trusted partner and a leader in the real estate industry in the region. As an established real estate company in North Iraq, our traditional business model is rooted in quality and diversity.

Business Agency

As a forward-thinking company, Smart Group relies on results-driven marketing efforts and powerful lead generation methods to help small, medium and large businesses alike achieve sustainable growth. We partner with start-ups and small enterprises to help them develop an effective and budget-friendly marketing system in order to promote fast return on investment, and an increase in sales.

Business Approach

Smart Group’s goal is to modernize and revitalize the region by creating trade expertise and sustainable business growth. Their business approach is rooted in transparency, honesty and professionalism, and a particular focus on the customers’ needs and wants. Their partner with government, small, medium and large private companies and international businesses to support the economy in the region in accordance with the local laws and regulations. To ensure quality of output, they only supply and use trusted, world-renowned brands.

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